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A recent innovation, Methyl Ester Sulfonates (MES) of Mizulan brand is a premium product.

pic2 Natural Asphalt (Gilsonite)
Gilsonite makes Bitumen stronger, and is not available in India. We can connect you directly with the source…



METHYL ESTER ETHOXYLATE (MEE) is a nonionic surfactant derived and oil. The present generation being more aware about the impact of Carbon foot prints than the previous one, is more responsible towards the environment by shifting from HydroCarbon based surfactants to plant based such as this.

According to studies conducted by on Principals Lion ECO and their Holding Company Lion Corporation, Japan. MEE can be a good replacement of AE in the formulation of textile auxiliaries. Their study has brought out the following properties in comparison to C124AE E09.

    • Higher Compaction:   Smaller Gelation area.

    • Higher Dilation Speed:   Easier Processing.

    • Detergency same if not Higher.

    • Lower foam and excellent rinsing performance:   Save water very important factor.

    • Higher anti-soil re-deposition effect:   Saving anti deposition agent.

    • Higher anti-carbon deposition effect better whitener of the washed item.

MES Technical Presentation Powder Liquid

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