Natural Asphalt Gilsonite

Natural Asphalt is a mineral mined in Iran, This is an additive used to increase the hardness of Bitumen for road pavement. Besides the main application in Road Pavement, it is also used for the following application.

  • • Oil Well Drilling Muds

  • • Well Cementing

  • • Drilling Fluid Loss Control

  • • Foundry Sand Additive

  • • Insulation and Waterproofing

  • • Inks and Paints

Natural Asphalt is also mined in USA and South America also. The product form this region is found to be with less Sulphur content, this helps in Oil well drilling muds compounds to have lesser reaction with the other chemicals.

The mining is in Lump form; however we supply in powder form 30 Mesh to 300 Mesh.
You may download the full catalogue of our principals in Iran.
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